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Human Resources

Talent Concept

Talent Concept

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Talent Standard

Integrity, dedication, professionalism, learning, passion and pursuit of excellence


Development Mechanism

Based on the Company’s Position Qualification Standard, the Company has

established objective and fair promotion two-channel for regular inventory

and evaluation of talents to form a talent layout, thus realizing better

match between people and posts and providing employees with favorable

conditions for their development.






3. Talent Training

The company is committed to building a learning-based organization. In
accordance with the dual channel system for career development of the employees,
the company has designed a comprehensive training system for all employees
from the moment they enter the company, which covers corporate culture
training, induction training, know-how and technology training, marketing
training, management and leadership skills training, etc.To coordinate the
establishment of the company’s training system, the company pays a lot of attention to the development of internal courses and the building of internal trainer team. The company has established an incentive mechanism for internal lecturers, regularly organized skill training for internal lecturers to enhance their training performance and guarantee the quality and effect of internal courses.

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