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Review of “Red Lines for Enterprises”: Eight Disciplines Obeyed by Foncoo Pharmaceutical in Building “Incorruptible Culture”

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Review of “Red Lines for Enterprises”: Eight Disciplines Obeyed by Foncoo Pharmaceutical in Building “Incorruptible Culture”

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General remarksAbusing power for personal gain and under-counter transaction are just like a malignant tumor, if not cut, is even enough to ruin a company. The eight disciplines of “incorruptible culture” are the “red lines” of Foncoo Pharmaceutical. All its employees and staff, once violating these red lines, will be dismissed unconditionally.
1. Never make trouble for the clients: It’s forbidden to ask the clients to pick and send you, arrange accommodations or entertainment for you.
2. Never spend the money of clients:It’s forbidden to ask the clients to treat you to a dinner. In a dinner with the clients alone, the employees shall pay the bill or go dutch. It’s prohibited to accept any gift or money worth more than 1,000 yuan from the clients, or have any expense that should be paid by the employees alone reimbursed from the clients.
3. Never blackmail the clients: In the commercial transactions, it’s forbidden to break the principle of fair dealing, ask the clients for money or precious gifts directly or indirectly.
4. Never seek personal gains with the aid of the clients: It’s forbidden to ask the clients for the channels of markets or hospitals and sell medicines in these channels alone. It’s forbidden to borrow goods, transfer goods or purchase goods from the clients. It’s forbidden to deliver goods in the name of the clients, or store goods in collusion with the clients, or ask the clients to remit money to your personal account without the permission of the company.
5. The superior may not accept bribery from the subordinates:The superior may not accept properties or precious gifts worth more than 200 yuan from the subordinates for any purpose.
6. The subordinates may not offer bribery to the superior: Any employee of the company may not offer bribery to the superior. The worth of mutual exchange of gifts may not exceed 200 yuan. In having a dinner with the superior, the superior shall cover the bill or go dutch
7. Never abuse the power of office or practice corruption: Any employees shall handle issues according to relevant requirements. In all procurement and commercial behaviors of the company, it’s forbidden to abuse the power of office, use public office for private gains, commit illegalities for personal gains, or form cliques and develop “personal relationships” and “inter-personal bondage”. Any employees may not embezzle or misappropriate the properties of the company with their convenience of office.
8. Never conceal any fact to the company: It’s forbidden to take a part-time job, or recommend friends or relatives to any post without letting the company know it. Public recommendation is welcomed by the company.
For supervising the aforesaid behaviors of all employees and clients, a dedicated complaint email of general manager has been opened:

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