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Kick-off meeting on Chinese version of Current Opinion in Psychiatry, jointly sponsored by and between Foncoo’ & Mental Health Center of Wuhan University People’s Hospital

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Kick-off meeting on Chinese version of Current Opinion in Psychiatry, jointly sponsored by and between Foncoo’ & Mental Health Center of Wuhan University People’s Hospital

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The kick-off meeting on Chinese version of Current Opinion in Psychiatry (COP) was ceremoniously opened at Yun’an Hall of Kunming Union Hotel on April 14, 2018. As for COP in Chinese version, Hospital President and Academician Lu Lin of Peking University Sixth Hospital was invited to be the Honorary Editor-in-chief, and Professor Wang Gaohua, President of Psychiatrist Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association and Executive Vice-President of Wuhan University People’s Hospital, was invited as the Chinese Editor-in-chief. This meeting was jointly sponsored by and between Shenzhen Foncoo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Mental Health Center of Wuhan University People’s Hospital.



Current Opinion in Psychiatry is committed to providing the latest research progress in psychiatry department, covering schizophrenia, cognitive disorder, affective disorder, depression and anxiety, personality disorder etc.. Nowadays, 6 Volumes of periodical are published yearly, and the impact factor reached 4.020. For professional doctors’ study and reference to leading academic information internationally, this periodical is the essential reading material to understand the psychiatry knowledge in the cotemporary era, which delivers the most important authoritative viewpoint and analysis with the most interesting issues about the psychiatry all over the world.


Rofessor Wang Gaohua firstly made an opening speech. In his opinion, COP is the important periodical that is accepted by the world in the field of psychiatry. The publication of Chinese COP is extremely significant to the current development of psychiatry in China. By releasing Chinese COP, Chinese professionals can learn from research methods of foreign experts and scholars, and improve their level in scientific research and clinic; moreover, with regard to the major domestic scholars who are difficult of acquiring original periodicals, the Chinese COP provides them with tremendous convenience. As a result, Professor Wang considered that experts of Chinese COP Editorial Committee have the responsibility and confidence to do it well!


Editor-in-chief of Chinese COP: Professor Wang Gaohua


Dr. Satheessh of Dr. Reddy’s Labs made a speech on behalf of Olanz®, he said that Chinese psychiatry has been developing by leaps and bounds in recent years, it is a great honor of Dr. Reddy’s Labs and Foncoo’ to silently witness this process. Dr. Satheessh considered that it is indispensable to release the Chinese periodical of Current Opinion in Psychiatry with professionals’ increasing demands on the academic resources of psychiatry in China. In order to boost the further development in Chinese psychiatry, and make Chinese psychiatric doctors to get the leading psychiatric information more conveniently and timely, we invite experts to set up Chinese COP Editorial Committee jointly with Mental Health Center of Wuhan University People’s Hospital in this meeting, who will accurately select the practical details about scientific research and clinic contents, and guarantee the quality and level of scientific research for the Chinese COP.


Representative of Dr. Reddy’s Labs and Foncoo’: Dr. Satheessh


As the copyright owner of COP, Director Dr. Chen Tao of Wolters Kluwer introduced the basic condition of original COP periodical for the present experts of Editorial Committee, and explained the significance of Chinese COP for psychiatric development in China, and then expected the application prospect of international authoritative Chinese periodical in the digital era. Dr. Chen expressed his gratitude to all experts’ endeavor for accomplishing Chinese COP, and wished the Chinese COP could realize its important value, and all parties would make more comprehensive and deeper cooperation on the academic platform.


Director of Wolters Kluwer - Chinese Medicine: Dr. Chen Tao


And then Professor Wang Gaohua, Dr. Chen Tao, Dr. Satheessh, and General Manager Qin Cheng officially launched the developing voyage of COP together.


Launching Ceremony


Professor Hao Wei later made a wish and speech for the kick-off meeting on the Chinese COP, Professor Hao said all members of Chinese COP Editorial Committee are famous experts in domestic psychiatry. They should select documents according to the practical demands of domestic clinic, so as to provide the domestic doctors with the most essential contents and high quality Chinese platform. And he hereby expressed his sincere thanks to all experts’ participation in the Chinese periodical even though they are busy in their clinic works, and the smooth development of Chinese periodical can’t do without their joint effort and contribution. He believed that Chinese COP would will be improving continuously under the joint effect of all members of Editorial Committee, Mental Health Center of Wuhan University People’s Hospital and Shenzhen Foncoo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.!


Adviser of Chinese COP: Professor Hao Wei


During the operating discussion on Chinese periodical, Director and Professor Wang Huiling of Compiling Department of Chinese periodical firstly introduced the operating process of Chinese COP in details. And then Professor Chen Jun made a wish and speech on behalf of the young experts, and looked forward to contributing ideas and exerting efforts for operating the Chinese periodical with high expectation to the future of Chinese COP.


Director of Compiling Department of Chinese COP: Professor Wang Huiling


At last, Professor Liu Zhongchun, the host of the meeting, summarized the details and appreciated that all experts of Editorial Committee positively participated in, he expressed his gratitude to the great supports of Mental Health Center of Wuhan University People’s Hospital and academic unit Shenzhen Foncoo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. Later all attendees and experts of Editorial Committee took a group photo to mark the occasion at the meeting, and jointly celebrate the launching of COP officially, so the meeting was accomplished successfully!


Group photo of present experts


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