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Annual Work Summary & Commendation Meeting of Foncoo Pharmaceutical Convened Smoothly

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Annual Work Summary & Commendation Meeting of Foncoo Pharmaceutical Convened Smoothly

Annual Work Summary & Commendation Meeting of Foncoo Pharmaceutical Convened Smoothly

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From January 8, to 11, 2019, the Work Summary & Commendation Meeting 2018 of Foncoo Pharmaceutical was convened in Shenzhen. The meeting was attended by leaders of Foncoo Pharmaceutical, managers of each province and region, all staff of the headquarters, Longnan subsidiary and Hong Kong subsidiary.

In the sales meeting, managers of each province and region reviewed their market performance in 2018, and fully studied and communicated on such issues as marketing planning, incentive scheme and development in 2019.

Diversified performances were staged in the party, which exhibited the versatility of talents of the company. The performances of each department well interpreted the the theme of the party, “20 Years Old, a Time of Youth”. They are so young.

In the summary meeting, the persons in charge of each department reviewed their work done in the past year and deployed the work to be done in 2019 and commended the excellent employees in practicing the core values of corporate culture and employees that have worked with the company for ten years.

After the summary meeting, a reunion dinner was held for the employees. The exciting lottery drawing in the dinner pushed the annual meeting to a second climax. The entire site was filled with joy and happiness.

The training given by Jue Wei was arranged in the last two days of the meeting--Sales Management of Channels and Big Clients. The managers of provinces and regions were divided into four groups. The training mainly adopted forms of group discussions and PK. The classroom atmosphere was relaxing but fierce, exhibiting the spirit of all people of Foncoo fighting in unity for honor.

The meeting was concluded successfully.


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