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The Fourth China (Shenzhen) Mental Health Leadership Summit Convened Successfully

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The Fourth China (Shenzhen) Mental Health Leadership Summit Convened Successfully

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Leading figures in the field of mental health were gathered to discuss the future of the disciplinary development. Organized by Shenzhen Foncoo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. alone, the fourth China (Shenzhen) Mental Health Leadership Summit, a top-level event of mental health of China, was kicked off on December 8, 2018.

Around 50 renowned domestic experts of mental health and more than 260 representatives from mental health institutions of regions such as Beijing, Shanghai and Sichuan gathered to discuss the development of mental health in China. The experts spoke the most important words they wished to speak in the year on their professional fields. Besides, the live network broadcast of the summit was watched by over 12,000 leaders and experts who followed up and supported the development of mental health.


Scene of the summit


Wu You, an academician of Chinese Academy of Science, the president of the No. 6 Hospital Affiliated to Peking University, and deputy secretary general of the municipal government of Shenzhen, Lin Hancheng, deputy director of Shenzhen Administration Center of Public Hospitals, Liu Tiebang, the president of Shenzhen Kangning Hospital, made a speech respectively, who wished a success to the summit.


The summit consisted of three parts, “Voice from Academicians”, “Annual Progress Report” and “Youth Leadership Forum”.


In the “Voice from Academicians”, Academician Lu Lin made a special report with the title of “The Historical Mission of Mental Health Workers of China”. He pointed out that the mental disease burden was very heavy in China and the mental health problems were prominent among teenagers and youngsters. The experts of mental health should cooperate with experts of other fields to promote the mental health together.

In the Annual Progress Report, the speakers reported on ten issues, including depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, Schizotypal disorder, drug abuse, rehabilitation, institution building, private institutions, psychotherapy and physical therapy. The guests launched heated discussions on these topics.


The speakers make special reports


The guests launch heated discussions on relevant topics


In the Youth Leadership, outstanding young experts of mental health from around the country stated their opinions on topics such as fostering of young doctors and latest research progress.


In the end of the summit, Academician Lu Lin awarded an “Award for Academic Support of China Mental Health Leadership Summit” to our company. Ms. Bao Danhua, the market manager of our company received the award on behalf of the company.


The summit dates back to 2015. The summit plays an important role in promoting the development of mental health of China, establishing a platform of cooperation and exchange between Shenzhen and mental health institutions nationwide. In 2018, the summit was honored by the Health and Family Planning Commission of Shenzhen as a high-level medical academic meeting of Shenzhen.


The fourth China (Shenzhen) Mental Health Leadership Summit was hosted by the Psychiatry branch of Chinese Medical Association, the Psychiatric branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the asylum administration branch of Chinese Hospital Association, the basic and clinical psychiatry branch of Chinese Society of Neuroscience, Chinese Association of Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment, the editorial committee of Chinese Journal of Psychiatry, supported by Shenzhen Kangning Hospital, the No. 6 Hospital Affiliated to Peking University, the Xiangya No. 2 Hospital Affiliated to Central South University, and Shanghai Mental Health Center, and organized by Shenzhen Foncoo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. alone.

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