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Olanzapine Tablets

For the treatment of schizophrenia. In patients who responded to initial therapy, olanzapine was able to maintain basic clinical effects during maintenance therapy. For the treatment of patients with moderate to severe manic episodes, it can be used to prevent the recurrence of bipolar disorder.

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Product Description

【Product Name】Oran's®

【Generic Name】Olanzapine

【Approval No.】 Imported Drug Registration No., 5mg: H20150141, 10mg: H20150142

【Usage and Dosage】5-20 mg/day, once a day, independent of food

【Age of use】18 years old or older, see manual for details

【Specification】5mg*20s, 10mg*20s

【Storage】Protect from light, 15-30℃ sealed storage

【Validity Period】24 months

【Manufacturer】Dr. Reddy Laboratories Ltd., India

【China General Distribution】Shenzhen Foncoo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


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