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1999 year

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Serving Mental Disorders

Shenzhen Foncoo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. specializes in providing pharmaceutical products that treat Central Nervous System disorders. Founded in 1999, Shenzhen Foncoo is a professional supplier of pharmaceutical products for mental illness.

According to data from the WHO, around one billion people worldwide suffer from mental disorders. China alone has about 240 million mental patients. While 16.6% of them live with their diseases the entire life, only 13.55% are treated.

Shenzhen Foncoo is committed to the cause of improving the physical and mental health of humans and strives to provide Chinese patients with premium-quality CNS medicine. The goal of Shenzhen Foncoo is to become the most respected mental healthcare leader in 10 years. For the past five years, Shenzhen Foncoo has paid more than 300 million RMB in tax and continues doing charitable acts to give back to the community and spread the message of love.

With over 20 years of pharmaceutical marketing experience, Shenzhen Foncoo has established a unique business model. The Company's products are now supplied to more than 5,000 hospitals in 31 provinces across China, serving more than 5 million patients. We successfully increased the market share of our star product, Olanz, from 0 to 27% in just five years after launching it in the Chinese market for the first time. The year-on-year shipping volume for Olanz is still increasing.

Shenzhen Foncoo has won the respect of more than 40,000 psychiatrists. It was the only sponsor of the China Mental Health Leadership Summit and the co-editor of the Chinese version of Current Opinion in Psychiatry. It attended panel discussions organized by industrial associations and hosted workshops about its products. Backed by strong marketing abilities, Shenzhen Foncoo has established partnerships with leading international and domestic pharmaceutical companies.

We maintain our competitive edge by implementing a unique product development strategy. Shenzhen Foncoo is good at utilizing global resources and have successfully launched six psychiatric drugs.

We have accumulated rich experience and formed keen market insights on CNS medicines. It now offers a wide range of products and product series.

Shenzhen Foncoo has invested heavily in product research and development, building a drug institute and attracting many physicians and pharmacists with master and doctoral degrees from home and abroad. With a strong R&D team, Shenzhen Foncoo obtained the Type-B Pharmaceutical Production Permit in 2020 and launched Amisulpride Tablet, its first drug marketed under the current Chinese MAH system.

Shenzhen Foncoo will hold fast to our missions, work hard to bring hope to people with mental health conditions and give back to the community.