Relaxing tendons and promoting blood circulation, dissipating blood stasis and relieving pain. for acute and chronic depression
Clearing heat and detoxifying; for acute pharyngitis of wind-heat type, symptoms: sore throat, congestion, dry or burning throat, thin yellow tongue coating, etc.; damp-heat type pyelonephritis, symptoms: frequent urination, burning pain, head and body pain, Lower abdomen bulge, percussion pain in kidney area, etc.
1. This product is mainly used for various bleeding caused by acute or chronic, localized or systemic primary hyperfibrinolysis. In the secondary hyperfibrinolytic state caused by disseminated intravascular coagulation, this product is generally not used before heparinization. 2. It is used for trauma or surgical bleeding of organs rich in plasminogen activator such as prostate, urethra, lung, brain, uterus, adrenal gland, and thyroid. 3. Used as an antagonist of tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA), streptokinase and urokinase. 4. For induced abortion, early placental exfoliation, fibrinolytic bleeding caused by stillbirth and amniotic fluid embolism, and menorrhagia with pathological local fibrinolysis in the uterine cavity. 5. For mild hemorrhage in central neuropathy, such as subarachnoid hemorrhage and intracranial aneurysm hemorrhage, the application of this product to stop bleeding is better than other anti-fibers.
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